The work of volunteers in the conservation and protection of sea turtles project is extremely important. Through their work, volunteers help conserve sea turtles and their critical habitats, having a positive impact on the populations of these ancient marine species.

Our organization devotes time and resources for this specific cause to help in the conservation of sea turtles and at the same time to educate through educational tours, to give talks in schools, companies, local guides, universities, among others, focusing attention on the biological and ecological importance of sea turtles and their critical habitats and how this also has an impact on human well-being.

Voluntary work and participation into local communities:
Objective: To support research and promote community outreach concerning conservation and sea turtle populations.

Volunteers become collaborators and their support is essential to the field coordinator and research assistants. The activities carried out by the volunteers are as follows:

• Night patrols
• Maintenance and cleaning of nesting beaches, in order to eliminate obstacles that may prevent nesting of sea turtles, egg hatching and emergence of newborns.
• Maintenance of signposts on beaches.
• Collaboration in cleaning and maintaining order in the house.
• Collection of temperature data of the beaches
• Collaboration with the research assistant regarding all work that is required on the nesting beaches.
• Assisting in the excavation of nests to determine hatchling success.
• Release of hatchlings.
• Biometric Measurement of Turtles.
• Maintenance of facilities and accommodation.
• Development of information signboards.
• Various tasks that may arise according to the needs.
• Participate and collaborate in activities of community outreach and public advocacy.

The detail of the costs will be sent to you by email.


A collaborator of the group will pick you up at Juan Santamaría International Airport and take you to “Las Nubes Eco-Center”, for food and general information.

Day 2:
Transportation from “Las Nubes Eco-Center to the bus station TRALAPA heading towards Matapalo Guanacaste where a local taxi awaits and will take you to the project for the Conservation and Protection of sea turtles. Once at the Project, lodging and food will be accessible.

Day before departure from Costa Rica: transportation (from San José to “Las Nubes Eco-center”, for a meal and thereafter transfer to the airport).


• Air tickets.
• Entrance and exit taxes.
• Medical insurance or accident insurance REQUIRED.
• Personal expenses.
• Internal travel expenses.
• Transportation from Sea turtle Project to Matapalo (Day of departure from your participation in the Project).

Las Nubes Eco-Center:
We warmly welcome you to Las Nubes Eco-Center, originally thought of as a Restaurant and Conventional Mountain Cabins, but the need and interest on our part in the conservation of the environment has made us rethink and gradually raise awareness about the need to preserve what nature has given us.

We are located 20 minutes from Juan Santamaría International Airport. With easy access to places of interest such as Poas Volcano National Park, Barva National Park, Catarrata de La Paz and La Paz Waterfall Garden, Territory of Zaguates and Doka Coffee Estates.

Why stay here? We are close to 2 main cities like Alajuela and Heredia, our average temperature is 23 degrees and we are located between the Poas and Barva volcanoes. Sustainability is part of our lives. Our cabins are rustic but comfortable.

Our goal apart from the protecting the environment is that you as our guest feel happy, comfortable and relaxed and able to enjoy the peace of the place. As a biologist and administrator of the place I want to welcome you to Las Nubes, a place that breathes peace and nature!