Research and conservation of sea turtle populations:
The Conservation project on sea turtle nesting takes place throughout the year; however, there is an increase in the number of sea turtles nesting from September to April.

Objective: To generate technical and scientific information needed to contribute to decision makers in order to manage and conserve sea turtle populations and their critical habitats in the North Pacific of Costa Rica, as well as nest protection activities and community outreach.

Research includes:

• Identification of females and their location on the beach.
• Biometry of female turtles.
• Location of turtle nests.
• Relocation of eggs to safer locations (occasionally).
• Temperature monitoring of nests and sand.
• Excavations of sea turtle nests.

Research assistant: If you want to apply for a research assistant post, contact us and we will send you the corresponding information.

Community outreach and public advocacy:
The sea turtle nesting season is low during May, June, July and August, so volunteers will support activities concerning environmental education and community outreach most of the time.

Objective: To increase environmental awareness and individual responsibility concerning the management and the conservation of sea turtles.

Activities include:
• Organize talks for environmental education and the celebration of environmental dates in Matapalo Elementary School. Also, support specific projects such as: teaching English, handicrafts, school and community projects, etc.
• Painting and placing signs with information for visitors for environmental education purposes. These will be located on the beach, in schools or in nearby communities.
• Carry out beach cleanings every week on nesting beaches. This activity includes separation of wastes and their proper disposal.
• Collaboration in reforestation campaigns.
• Collaboration in river clean-up activities.